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We are experts at our craft

We are experts at our craft.There’s just no substitute for expertise.

We have no secrets

We have no secrets. We transfer our knowledge to your staff.

We don’t use fear to motivate you

We don’t use fear to motivate you. Hype destroys long-term business relationships.

We save you money

We save you money. Our business and technology experience helps you avoid costly technology mistakes.

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Blaine Berger

President and Author | blaine@e-oasis.com
Blaine Berger is the President of E-Oasis with over 30 years of experience. “I welcome your inquires and all information shared remains confidential.”

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Providing interim leadership is a natural outcome after a data center move where staff losses are common and leadership is challenged in the changed, volatile environment. Blaine Berger has over 30 years of business, technology, and practical experience in many industries with unique, no-nonsense insights that focus on results.