Digital Transformation – Rescue Swimmer

Since 1996, E-Oasis has expedited the digital transformation of many firms.

I welcome your inquiry to learn how I can be your rescue swimmer!

Avoid the cost of doing nothing!

An expert, interim executive can jump start your organization during a time of transition providing a leadership role model for transformation. Are you ready to start?

The process begins with an assessment of your needs and a determination of the term of the engagement to accomplish your key initiatives.

Let’s discuss working together

I’ve helped firms large and small and can adapt your engagement to your needs:

  • Professional Services Practice Acceleration
  • Digital Transformation of software, infrastructure, and process
  • Data Center Migrations including cloud, edge, and on-premise
  • Disaster Recovery Reference Design and Implementation

Mergers and acquisitions present unique challenges for leaders because affected individuals don’t always optimize for the firm. I can help in these areas:

  • Flight Risk and Technical Due Diligence during mergers and acquisitions
  • Current Technology and Operations Assessment
  • Identify Misalignments blocking efficiency, profit, and morale

Optimizing ongoing operations often encounter resistance and bias. I can help with these services:

  • Refocus on Your Existing Customers before they are captured by Competitors
  • Identify Friction and Coach for Agility
  • Executive Workshop Sessions for Digital Transformation

Engagement Offerings

There is no offering that fits everyone. Here are a few ways to work together:

  • Interim Executive – When you need a role filled temporarily with an urgent need to accelerate your firm.
  • Confidential Coach – You want to sharpen your own focus with an experienced course-correcting coach.
  • Assessments for Friction and Misalignments – When you need a savvy outsider to speak truth to power.

Attention Recruiters: If the opportunity is right, I even consider W2 engagements.

Contact Me

Here are some helpful questions to consider when you call or e-mail.

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What time-frame and external milestones are important to your firm?
  • Are you in need of urgent assistance?

Get started today with an e-mail at or a phone call to 303-500-6511. We’ll have a conversation and figure out the best way to proceed.

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