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VMware Questions with Practical Answers

July 19th, 2008
  • What storage works with VMware?
  • Why do you need Virtualcenter?
  • How does Lab Manager work?
  • What does VMware cost?
  • What VMware pricing information is available?
  • What VDI client hardware works best?
  • Can VDI replace Citrix?
  • How does VDI work?
  • Who can help with VMware ESX 3.5?
  • How do you construct a VMware proof of concept?
  • How do you accelerate a struggling VMware project?
  • Is VMware cost effective for small business?
  • How can VMware solutions help support a Vista upgrade or rollout?
  • How does business continuity planning change with a VMware solution?
  • What is the Return on Investment for VMware?

We answer those VMware questions and more on a daily basis. Contact us to fast track your VMware project and garner the benefits VMware provides.

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