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What Do We Do? Since 1996, E-Oasis has provided expert technology help. We can Move Your Data Center, Virtualize Your Servers, or Deploy or Fix your Networks (SAN|LAN|WAN).

Data Center Moving

Our Data Center Moving Blog contains important information about data center moving.

E-Oasis Alerts contains technology insights applied to business problems.

Blaine is a business and technology veteran with 25 years of experience. An Electrical Engineer, Network Expert, Inventor, and Speaker, Blaine welcomes your inquires.
Blaine Berger, President | E-Oasis
“Let us Earn your Business. Here’s how to Contact Us:”

  • E-Mail: urgent@e-oasis.com (Let us know your urgent need)
  • Phone: 303-485-1115 (Leave us a voicemail anytime with your contact information)
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Solving your technology problems

  • Move your data center
  • Network your computers
  • Connect your business to the Internet
  • Support your trade show demonstrations
  • Improve your network performance
  • Deploy your Voice over IP solution
  • Audit your Network Security
  • Architect, Deploy, and Tune your SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage), or iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) storage
  • Extend your effectiveness with VPN (Virtual Private Network)

We offer affordable Net-Health checkups as well as customized services and on-going support.

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