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Tradeshows, special events, and off-site corporate meetings often put a strain on in-house staff.

Do you need Internet connectivity? A network of machines? A hotel suite of computer stations? Onsite service to build, operate, and tear-down under tight deadlines?

E-Oasis provides onsite experience to be your tradeshow technology architect, to build a turnkey on-site network of demonstration computers, to allow you to focus on your Marketing and Sales.

Key Benefits

Electronic Oasis Consulting, Inc. can help you with a complete approach or as a member of your existing team. Let us:

  • Create, update, and deliver your Technology Demonstration
    If you’ve got a tired, worn demonstration that needs Internet elements, internetworking within your exhibit, or a complete overhaul, E-Oasis can turn your demonstration into a visitor magnet. As an example, we can convert existing marketing materials into a variety of Internet-ready streaming formats. We don’t just stop there, but strive to get the most out of your technology demonstrations.
  • Be Your Trade Show Architect
    A full service offering where E-Oasis will:

    • Understand your marketing objectives
    • Design your technology elements to fit your approach
    • Oversee creation of demonstrations
    • Track critical milestones
    • Develop your staffing plan
    • Help you maximize your selling success
  • Train your staff
    Increasingly, onsite staff is called upon to wear marketing, technical, and logistical hats. E-Oasis will help your staff understand the different roles and coach the team to be an effective presence on the trade show floor.
  • Support your show onsite
    Often, you need a technology expert onsite with your marketing staff. E-Oasis can provide this assistance for the duration of your event.
  • Build your onsite network
    Do you need Internet connectivity? A network of machines? A hotel suite of computer stations? Kiosks? E-Oasis provides onsite network experience with ISDN, Frame Relay, T1, leased lines, RF and wireless, laser, and other technologies to network your computers in any location and connect them to the Internet or to your home office for technology demonstrations.

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