E-Oasis performs a variety of Information Technology Assessments to help you understand how your technology is aiding or hindering your business. Contact us to arrange a custom assessment for your company.
Net-Health Assessment

  • Network discovery and topology documentation – Is your network undocumented?
  • Network performance analysis – Do you know where your performance bottlenecks lie?
  • Troubleshooting and isolation – Do you have chronic or hard-to-find network problems?

Storage Assessment

  • File System Storage Needs
  • E-Mail Storage Needs
  • Tape Storage Needs
  • Capacity Planning

Phone and VoIP Assessment

  • Evaluate current phone system
  • Recommend Improvements

Backup and Restore Assessment

  • Inspect current methods
  • Recommend Improvements

Business Continuity Assessment

  • Evaluate against a maturity model
  • Recommend cost-effective roadmap for continuity

Business Process Assessment

  • Evaluate existing business processes against a maturity model
  • Provide Roadmap for technology implementations that can improve business processes
    • Timesheet and Expense Management
    • Order Management Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Website and Blog Improvements

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