The Hard, Boring Work of 2011

While many seek to predict trends for this brand new year or look in the rear view mirror of the previous year, isn’t it time for something a bit less dramatic? How many of these tasks are going uncompleted in your organization?

  1. Have you migrated to a current and supported version of Exchange (that supports the mobility users want with their mobile devices)?
  2. When was the last time you audited both the backup and restore elements of your infrastructure?
  3. Are you taking full advantage of virtualization in your data center?
  4. Can you complete an eDiscovery request from your legal department in an organized manner?
  5. Did you kill any weak and resource-draining IT (Information Technology) projects?
  6. Do you have a Windows 7 strategy for replacing Microsoft XP?
  7. Have you looked at consolidating your data center and actually retiring unneeded applications and their servers?
  8. Did you fix any of those vulnerabilities your last security audit discovered?
  9. Have you refreshed your storage infrastructure with more efficient and higher capacity equipment?
  10. Is your disaster recovery and business continuity plan real or imagined?

The hard, boring work of 2011 might not be as exciting as moving to the cloud or filling your organization with iPads, but isn’t it essential for your business to get the basics working well?

Maybe not. After all, expending extraordinary effort for ordinary gain is how some advance their Information Technology careers.

Where is the sense of urgency?

A sense of urgency is often missing in these boring IT projects but a well-run shop is characterized by few surprises and stable, working (and documented) infrastructure. Not all leaders recognize this and get caught up in the latest trends pushed by the trade press as silver bullets of cost savings and hyper-coolness.

What will you prioritize as important for 2011?

Blaine Berger is the President of E-Oasis and a business and technology veteran with over 25 years of experience. You can contact Blaine via e-mail at or connect with Blaine on LinkedIn.

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