Does Cloud Computing Make You Hyperventilate?

It’s no wonder. With so much hype at the intersection of the economy and all manner of magic that is supposed to save you money, it’s easy to simply dismiss the cloud as all hat and no cattle.  The Cloud is Loud and Proud and not going to diminish for some time.

After reading Randy Bias’s post on Cloudcenters from GoGrid, I have to admit I’m rooting for the cloud. What stands out in the GoGrid description is the understanding of the Enterprise IT zeitgeist and the real-life concerns that must be overcome to use a cloudcenter.

I still believe there are two major impediments that bar the Cloud from any widespread adoption by the Enterprise:

  1. Performance – Users want good response time. Most Enterprises can’t afford the bandwidth required to locate their computing off-premise (i.e. “In The Cloud”) and still deliver a satisfactory user experience.  Something has to change (cheaper bandwidth or different approach for desktop to application computing).
  2. Security – Corporations can’t even keep their own on-premise data properly classified or secured. “Encryption at Rest” is the natural minimum requirement. Which leads you back to Performance.

Keep your eyes on GoGrid and read the Cloudcenters post right now to understand how a Cloudcenter looks remarkably similar to your existing data center.


Source: GoGrid’s Cloudcenter

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