The Loud and Proud Cloud

Cloud computing enjoys the current marketing hyperbole cycle and vendor marketing departments know that. Everyone wants to be the leader in the cloud.

However, like “Web 2.0” before it, it’s questionable if the term “Cloud Computing” can be used in any meaningful way. There are efforts to create a taxonomy of meaning to keep track of all the objects living in the cloud.

Cloud Computing = Off-Premise Computing

The only delineation seems to be if the computing takes place on-premise or off-premise. If it’s off-premise, then marketing will brand it Cloud Computing. You’re reading this blog in the Cloud which makes E-Oasis and you a Cloud user.

Practically, Enterprise businesses will continue to rely on their on-premise computing. The reasons are easy to understand. Let’s look at just two:

  • Performance – Users want good response time. Most Enterprises can’t afford the bandwidth required to locate their computing off-premise (i.e. “In The Cloud”) and still deliver a satisfactory user experience. The math is simple. A typical user desktop has a  dedicated 10/100/1000 mbit/sec connection to their servers versus a shared Internet connection that is typically less than 45 mbit/sec and more often around 5 mbit/sec. Common tasks like file sharing in an Enterprise would be glacially slow. We won’t even discuss redundancy (i.e. multiple Internet connections to the cloud).
  • Security – Corporations can’t even keep their own on-premise data properly classified or secured. Do you believe they will allow third parties to manage this important function? They’re not and they won’t.

If you use off-premise computing, it’s just a matter of time before your marketing department highlights that fact in a Proud Cloud Press Release. Take some comfort that this term will fall back to earth as soon as another one can take it’s place at the hyperbole feeding frenzy.

A $100 Billion Dollar Market?

Don’t forget that the First International Cloud Computing Expo is happening on the 19th of November if you just can’t get enough Cloud. After all, we have experts predicting that this is a $100 Billion dollar market. Did that get your attention?

That should be an easy number to achieve and may even be low. After all, Cloud Computing is just the sum of all off-premise computing. To achieve any meaningful adoption rates for the Enterprise, the pipes connecting the Enterprise to off-premise computing must both get fatter (more bandwidth) and cheaper. Way cheaper.

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