Does Web 2.0 make you hyperventilate?

Grant McCracken sits at the intersection of Anthropology and Economics. His post (now six months young) on the Internet 2.0: the economic, social and cultural consequences of the new Internet is worth revisting. Even though six months have passed, it’s probably still too early to determine (in McCracken’s words) if Web 2.0 changes everything or just some things?

Since the first 25,000 Web 2.0 users may be irrelevant , perhaps there’s time to adjust to coming changes.

I’m still waiting for the real roll-out of IPv6 which will increase our IP addresses from a paltry 4.3 billion to 50 octillion and result in a massive network upgrade spiral. US Federal agencies are supposed to deploy IPv6 by 2008. No one else seems all that interested.

Economics, like gravity, dictate that hype is not a guarantee of reaching escape velocity. Time will tell if Web 2.0 falls back to Earth as an overly used buzzword or becomes a significant milestone in the timeline of the Internet.

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