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Data Center Move Guide Available

Our updated Data Center Move Guide is now available. The new guide contains updates for governance, virtualization, and the cloud. Instructions to get the guide are at  The 2012 edition of the guide contains: Moving Your Data Center: Practical Steps Is Your Move Feasible? Anatomy Of A Data Center Move Governance Budgeting Site Selection Read more about Data Center Move Guide Available[…]

Connect the Unrelated Dots

Everyone has varying degrees of confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the practice of enhancing information that supports a preconception and rejecting information that opposes it. Consider what happens when you use confirmation bias to collect biased data points and then you connect those data points to form a conclusion which you defend vigorously. What happens Read more about Connect the Unrelated Dots[…]

Longmont Power and Communications rates among the lowest in Colorado

Power rates are just one of the important considerations for a data center site selection. The Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities survey shows that LPC (Longmont Power and Communications) has some of the lowest rates in Colorado and also compares favorably nationally. The average industrial rate was about 4.7 cents per kilowatt hour and the Read more about Longmont Power and Communications rates among the lowest in Colorado[…]

Welcome Microsoft to Longmont

Microsoft recently announced the purchase of just over 8 acres in Longmont, Colorado. Speculation on their project plans include a modular data center or a  research lab. Until their plans are submitted to the city council, the exact build-out is really unknown. Microsoft joins a robust technical community in Longmont and they are no strangers Read more about Welcome Microsoft to Longmont[…]

The Hard, Boring Work of 2011

While many seek to predict trends for this brand new year or look in the rear view mirror of the previous year, isn’t it time for something a bit less dramatic? How many of these tasks are going uncompleted in your organization? Have you migrated to a current and supported version of Exchange (that supports Read more about The Hard, Boring Work of 2011[…]

Carry the Message to Garcia

How often do you find yourself wishing you could find someone to Carry a Message to Garcia? Finding people who understand the value of completing a mission without filing a flight plan, without endless questioning, without frivolous interruptions is a mission all by itself. Initiative, according to Elbert Hubbard who wrote the famous essay had Read more about Carry the Message to Garcia[…]

Extraordinary Effort for Ordinary Gain

It’s easy to be cynical if you are an end user who relies on an IT (Information Technology) support organization. How many unplanned outage notices have you wondering if anything is going to be working today? Frustrated, you send that e-mail to the CEO to get some attention on something that should have been fixed Read more about Extraordinary Effort for Ordinary Gain[…]

Critical Lessons in Economic Development

Uncertainty and fear are common emotions expressed by executives during my conservations with them about their business outlook. However, those charged with economic development are undaunted in their efforts to raise awareness about their regions. I interviewed a veteran of this process, John Cody, President and CEO of the Longmont Area Economic Council (LAEC). John Read more about Critical Lessons in Economic Development[…]

Welcome Serious Materials and Video Accessory Corporation to Longmont

Serious Materials, a manufacturer of energy efficient building materials, opened a 36,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and R&D facility in Longmont, Colorado. The Longmont facility is slated to produce super insulating windows and glass for commercial and residential markets. The nearby ConocoPhillip’s research center for alternative fuels was mentioned as one reason to choose Colorado for Read more about Welcome Serious Materials and Video Accessory Corporation to Longmont[…]