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What Do We Do?
Since 1996, E-Oasis has provided expert technology help to move data centers. We fit into your process at any point in time. We can plan your data center relocation, provide you with a data center relocation project manager, review your existing data center move plan, and support your post-move activities.

Our Data Center Moving Site is the number one location for data center relocation information where you can get our Free Data Center Moving Guide.

Blaine is a business and technology veteran with over 25 years of experience. An Electrical Engineer, Network Expert, Inventor, and Speaker, Blaine welcomes your inquires.
Blaine Berger, President | E-Oasis
“Let us Earn your Business. Here’s how to Contact Us:”

  • E-Mail: urgent@e-oasis.com (Let us know your urgent need)
  • Phone: 303-485-1115 (Leave us a voicemail anytime with your contact information)

Get Connected!

Everyone wants to grow their professional network, but few do it before they are in need. Bestselling author and networking expert,  Harvey Mackay urges you to Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty!

Follow his advice and send your LinkedIn requests to blaine@e-oasis.com .

  • Move Your Data Center – A systematic methodology for planning and moving a data center makes you the Super Hero of your move.
    • Planning – Helping you avoid costly mistakes with our data center move playbook.
    • Execution – Keeping the data center move on-track.
    • Post-Move Support – Critically important post-move services ensures success.

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Why Choose E-Oasis?

  • We are experts at our craft. There’s just no substitute for expertise.
  • We have no secrets. We transfer our knowledge to your staff.
  • We don’t use fear to motivate you. Hype destroys long-term business relationships.
  • We save you money. Our business and technology experience helps you avoid costly technology mistakes.
  • Since 1996, we have provided our clients with exceptional service.
  • You can call our clients. Learn why they depend on Electronic Oasis Consulting, Inc.

Where do we work?

  • Everywhere in North America
  • Internationally by Special Arrangement
  • Almost Everywhere Remotely


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