E-Oasis Plans Data Center Moves

What Do We Do?

We do two things exceptionally well:

  1. We Plan Data Center Moves
  2. We Provide Interim Leadership For Your Unique, Temporary Needs

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I am Blaine Berger, the President of E-Oasis, with over 30 years of experience. Since 1996, we’ve been using our experience in business and technology to solve problems for customers large and small. Let me earn your business with our no-nonsense approach to your challenges. I welcome your inquires and all information shared remains confidential.

  • We are experts at our craft. There’s just no substitute for expertise.
  • We have no secrets. We transfer our knowledge to your staff.
  • We don’t use fear to motivate you. Hype destroys long-term business relationships.
  • We save you money. Our business and technology experience helps you avoid costly technology mistakes.

DataCenterMoving.com – We Plan Data Center Moves

2011website logoThe number one site for data center relocation information is datacentermoving.com operated by E-Oasis.

Our tested methodology fits into your process at any point in your move timeline. We can plan your data center relocation, coach you at any point,  provide you with a data center relocation project manager, review your existing data center move plan, and support your post-move activities.

Our services follow our tested, successful methodology for planning and moving your data center including:

  •  Planning – Helping you avoid costly mistakes with coaching or data center checklist reviews
  •  Execution – Data Center Relocation Project Management keeps your data center move on-track.
  • Post-Move Support – Interim CEO,CIO,and CTO post-move support to ensure your success.

Visit datacentermoving.com to jump start your data center move and learn about free resources to help you avoid costly mistakes.

ExecutiveProTem.com – We Provide Interim Leadership For Your Unique, Temporary Needs

exeprotem-bhb-tp2Providing interim leadership is a natural outcome after a data center move where staff losses are common and leadership is challenged in the changed, volitile environment. Blaine Berger has over 30 years of business, technology, and practical experience in many industries with unique, no-nonsense insights that focus on results.

Visit executiveprotem.com to understand why many organizations choose Blaine for their unique, temporary leadership needs.

Are You Connected?

Everyone wants to grow their professional network, but few do it before they are in need. Bestselling author and networking expert, Harvey Mackay urges you to Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty!

Follow his advice, view my LinkedIn Profile,  and send your requests to blaine@e-oasis.com .

How Do You Contact Us?

  • E-Mail: urgent@e-oasis.com (Let us know your urgent need)
  • Phone: 303-500-6511 (Leave us a voicemail anytime with your contact information)

Where Do We Work?

  • Everywhere in North America
  • Internationally by Prior Arrangement subject to availability
  • Almost Everywhere Remotely

Where Are We Located?

  • 665 Frontage Road, STE 260, Longmont, CO 80501
  • See Map

Do We Have Job Openings?

Our jobs opening policy is to use  private queries to our current network. We’ve stopped posting openings because of the confidential nature of data center moves and interim executive positions. The best way to become a part of this network is to send me a LinkedIn request.

You may also send us unsolicited resumes but the best way to be noticed is to connect with me on LinkedIn. This is especially true if you’re a recruiter. Remember – Instead of pitching me, Connect for real value!

Send your LinkedIn requests to blaine@e-oasis.com .

Unsolicited Resumes – Email the following to jobs@e-oasis.com

  • In the body of your email, include your Salary requirements, US citizenship status, and availability.
  • Attach your resume. Preferred format is Adobe PDF. You may also attach Microsoft Word or plain text.
  • No agencies or third party recruiters are needed at this time, but I welcome your LinkedIn requests.
  • Please, no phone calls.

Business Opportunities

I am pitched regularly regarding partnerships, business opportunities, and speaker requests. I am happy to review your thoughtful, coherent requests via e-mail (no phone calls please). My policy is not to participate in referral programs because my clients prefer unbiased advice regarding their technology and services that is uninfluenced by compensation. Use the Subject line of your e-mail wisely and avoid hyperbole. As mentioned previously, connecting with me on LinkedIn is a good, first step before pitching me about opportunities.


Our properties (Datacentermoving.com and ExecutiveProTem.com) accept selected advertising. Send your inquires to ads@e-oasis.com and include your preferred ad preferences (Banner Ads, Sponsoship, or Custom Program).

Unanswered Questions?

I look forward to your questions, e-mail me at blaine@e-oasis.com and include your full contact information. If your need is urgent, e-mail urgent@e-oasis.com and include your urgent need in your first few lines with your full contact information.